sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

Introducing the S8ver device, representing Colombia on Imagine Cup 2011

Meet Freakin' Mind. The team that will represent Colombia at Microsoft Imagine Cup finals in July 2011. The team members are Sebastián Londoño, Catalina Sierra, Juan Davod Muñoz, Luis Miguel González.

This students From ICESI University made the S8ver project. But.. what is the S8ver?

S8VER is a technological tool that aims to address the high mortality rates when natural disasters occur. Currently the tools to search for survivors in a disaster situation are not efficient and do not take advantage of available resources, which becomes a big problem because in such situations these resources are scarce and people die because the lack of timely assistance. S8VER is a device that can fly over the areas affected by natural disasters being able to identify itself survivors that need to be rescued.

Sounds interesting right?

Below is an interview, unfortunately in spanish with the team members and their device.
Keep in touch because on the next days we will see more about this team.

UPDATE; People Choice award video is now available vote for them at:

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