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Need a carpool? Students from Costa Rica have an answer for you, heading up to Imagine Cup 2011

Last days I had the oportunity talk with this team and find out about this great project about carpooling made by students. Look out the project below:

Carpooling Mate Finder is a mobile application that register your common routes and finds your traveling mates.

CMF project was made on Costa Rica by the students Mario Alberto Barrantes Quesada and Wagner Alberto Alvarado Quesada, from the University of Costa Rica. Their project was selected as finalist which will be representing Peru at Imagine Cup finals on New York at the Sotware Design competition.

What is Carpooling Mate Finder?

Carpooling Mate Finder is a mobile application made on Windows Phone 7 OS hosted at Windows Azure, the main idea of the project if to make easier the carpooling practice more easy, searching for routes and the time to find your possible traveling mates on a specified ratio pre-configured by the user.

This application have also integration with Facebook, you can make reports of traffic and share them on Facebook, integrating Bing Maps.

If this wasnt enough, you can also enter the website where you can set advanced settings in your routes, times, and modify the search settings.

Do you like this project? What their video at:

Fore more information about Carpooling Mate Finder enter

Official page
Twitter Page

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