domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

Project Brain a solution created by Mexican Students

"Brain a system that brings knowledge through technology to children who have interrupted their education due to natural disasters, allowing them to continue their intellectual development."

Last week I had the opportunity to met Ibero Mexico team at Microsoft Mexico. created by Brenda Möller Ramos, Andrea César Gil, Fernando Rivero Sosa and Benjamín Morales.

They are the Mexican finalist who will represent Mexico on Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2011 with ther project named "Brain".

How does their project works?

Brain, is a tool that will help reduce the gap in children's development caused by this interruption of education due to natural tropical disasters - such as floods, hurricanes, heavy rains, etc. - by offering children from 6 to 12 years-old an opportunity to keep developing their cognitive skills through interactive games. Brain is a complete system that works along with teachers, schools, sociable responsible companies and anyone who is interested in achieving children's successful development in Mexico and around the world.

You like their project? Just watch their video and vote them by clicking the image down here..

Start making the difference.

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