jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

Meet the Ñawy Harkay project from Perú (english ver)

"Ñawy Harkay: not another eyemouse project" is a solution from Perú by Bruno Espinoza, Jose Damian, Victoria Palacin and Roberto Reto.

This project will head up the next month (8-14 July) to New York City to the finals of the hugest worldwide student competition; Imagine Cup representing to their country.

What is the Ñawy Harkay Project?

Ñawy Harkay is filling the gap between expensive eyemouse applications (applications to operate the mouse with the eyes) and unhealthy cheap devices with a new solution, fully integrated with the Windows 7, not expensive and with minimum effect on the eyes.

Many of the eyemouse solutions works in their own environments, limiting the activities a user can perform. Ñawy Harkay works very similar to an accessibility extension, so the user can access the computer as any other person.

Ñawy Harkay is a mixture between software and an external device similar to a pair of glasses tied to a webcam. While using existing libraries, we created a new way to solve the problem using blinks and white lights.

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